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You may call me...Madam Revenge...

Tell me, gentle visitor. Is there, perhaps, a fictional character of some kind who you really, really don't like? Some product of an author's imagination that grates on your nerves like a hundred knives down a hundred blackboards? Perhaps they're a snivelling brat. Perhaps they're a smug fool. Whatever it is, don't you just want to see them tortured horribly? Don't be shy now. Speak your mind.

Your time has come. Here on this community, Madam Revenge offers you the chance to request a fic. Any fic, as long as it involves the horrible death, rape, torture, whatever, of your most hated character.

I'm waiting...

For your edification - THE RULES

A)You may post your own stories, and you may request stories about characters. You may not request, or post anything about real people.

1)You may not post icons, as they annoy me. If you want to have a lovely icon that shows off your awesome photoshopping skills of putting some text over a picture, put it in the usual place.

i)You may not act like a retarded cracked-up bitch ho. If you do so you will be banned. The management reserves the right to decide exactly who, and what, is acting like a retarded cracked up bitch-ho.

א)You may whine and whinge that I have defamed your beloved fandom. I like a laugh as much as anyone. Be warned, eventually I may get tired and decide you are acting like a retarded cracked up bitch ho.

α)You may specify details of exactly what torments you wish your hated character to undergo. You may not assume I will use all these details.

ا)The rules are non-negotiable unless large sums of money are deposited in my bank account.